Mobile Police

The Police Mobile NPF was established as a striking or Anti-riot squad under the control of the Inspector-General of Police to counter incidents of civil disturbance. It was headed by CP. Philemon Leha. It is an outfit designated to take over operations of major crisis where conventional police units cannot cope. There are presently 52 Police Mobile Squadrons spread amongst the 36 State Commands and FCT.

Presently, the Police Mobile NPF (PMF) has metamorphosed into a full-fledged security and anti-crime outfit to check the menace of armed banditry, violent militant groups, religious insurrection and many others. The police mobile force (PMF) in recent times equally has been involved in the provision of guards at the residences of senior Police officers both serving and retired the Diplomatic community and their offices and senior Government officials.

Also, the protection of important and vital economic life lines of the nation such as oil installations, on/off shore flow station Pipeline protection and other oil related servicing companies.

The Police Mobile NPF (PMF) has been seriously involved in extensive anti-crime patrol all over the country to counter the nefarious activities of men of the underworld. They have equally been involved in patrols and maintenance of law and order in volatile states of the country such as Lagos, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Kano and Bauchi States among others.

The security of Diplomats and Embassies has equally been one of the major responsibilities of the PMF; the serious involvement in quelling anti-social activities notwithstanding, it has equally pursued aggressively, a sustained policy of training and re-training of the officers and men.

The constraints besetting the Police Mobile NPF are enormous and varied. These range from lack of adequate office/barracks accommodation to dearth of arms and ammunition, operational vehicles, communication gadgets and non payment of allowances to personnel on emergency duties as at when due. Despite all odds, the Police Mobile NPF has proved its mettle and can continue to be relied on as the country’s strikes force at all times.